1xBet Cash Out


Until recently, to place sport bets used to be nothing else but placing a bet and then, waiting for the final judge’s signal to see the final outcome of the event and to understand if you win something. Within this period – from placing the bet and waiting for the end of the match – you could do nothing. However, within the years many new functions have been added in many new and old bookmakers. For instance, such new functions are the live streaming or the statistics for the events, but even with them the essence behind sport betting in general remained the same or the punter still needed to wait for the end of the event to see whether he’s winning, or no.

Fortunately, thanks to the cash out function that is available in 1xBet, the punters can now manage their bets at any single moment. In other words, the actions a punter can do are not ended up with placing a bet.

1xbet selling a bet

Let us give you an example so it would become more understanding for you what we are talking about and what the cash out function means – mainly for your betting activity.

Imagine you have placed a bet on 5 matches from the Italian Series A:

➢ Spal – Parma – X.
➢ Fiorentina – Kievo – 1
➢ Inter – Turin – 1
➢ Udinese – Sampdoria – 2
➢ Genoa – Empoli – 1

All matches start at 20:30 o’clock excluding the first event – Spal and Parma that is appointed for 18:00 o’clock. Let’s admit that this event between Spal and Parma ends up with a draw which means your prediction is correct. You are now once step closer to the profit and due to this reason at this very particular moment 1xBet’s offer to close your bet is going to be bigger than the bet amount. However, your net profit will be still small as there are 4 matches in total that are about to start soon.

Let’s now move to the 75th minute from the playing time of these 4 events and imagine that in each of them the team you have placed a bet to win is ahead in the score. Currently as all of your bets are progressing just fine and in correspondence to your predictions, plus – only 15 minutes remain to the end of the matches – you will notice that your cash out offer has been significantly raised and it is now not so far away from the amount of your final potential profit you saw when placing the bet.

The hard part in this function is to correctly assess the weak and the strong points of using it at a particular moment. If you wait until the end of the matches you are going to receive more money, but you are also going to be at risk to lose in some of these matches.

How to sell a bet in 1xBet Uganda?

In 1xBet the function we have described above – the cash out function – is called differently. It is not called cash out as most of bookies name it, but selling a bet. This is how the Russian bookie prefers to call it.

In order to sell your bet in this betting page, follow these instructions:

  • 1. Enter the page where all of the placed bets are shown and go to the section with your pending bets
  • 2. Select what part of your bet you want to sell through the slider (note that the whole bet amount is settled by default, but if you want to keep a certain part of your bet, you can do so and remain with the other part as an active bet)
  • 3. Press the button with which the confirmation for selling your bet is arranged and continue watching the events without being nervous if any of the teams / players can lead you to a failure.

Last, but not least, in 1xBet the cash out page has also a specially tailored option called sell your bet later. When using this option you need to enter a certain amount of money. When the bookie’s offer for buying your bet / part of the bet reaches this amount of money you have entered the function will automatically become active.