Cricket bets in 1xBet

1xBet is one of the few bookmakers that are worth it to be discussed when it comes to placing bets on cricket matches. And this isn’t true only because this betting house is reputable or because it offers amazing conditions for gambling, but also because the rest betting houses do not pay much attention at this sport type – the cricket sport discipline!

In order to understand what we are actually talking about, we need to tell you that currently none of the leading world bookmakers provide pre-match cricket betting, while other leading names in the industry offer only 6-7-8 matches.

On the other side, in 1xBet we see twice more offers and the company does not limit its cricket program only with the biggest world leagues such as Big Bash, The Premium Cricket league in India or the Caribbean one, but also list matches from quite smaller championships such as the championship that include the British countries (in the live betting category you can even bet on the second division of this championship, by the way), as well as the Twenty 20 championship based in Sri Lanka, female cricket divisions and many more.

1xbet cricket

One of the most special thing regarding cricket betting in 1xBet is the fact that here we can even place bets on matches that are appointed for the next couple of months while in most of the rest gambling websites the events in their programs are maximum for the next few days. This is how you are going to get the chance to prepare for your betting prediction in advance by meeting the odds and the specific chances for a success per each of the opponents.

The availability of more than 400 different options for a bet per one cricket match is one more important reason that makes this sport type fans to seriously consider opening an account in 1xBet. All of the registered customers in this Russian operator for sport betting can place bets on both: markets for the winners and those for the number of the points (these two options are offered in the rest bookies, too) and on untypical for cricket sport type bets such as the bet for the player with the best performance during the game, the best batter, the best bowler in the game or per team, which team will set the best bowler or batter in the game, contestants between the players (for instance, who will reach the 10th run first – Glen Philips or Kate Lewis), as well as bets for the number of runs each player will make and etc. On the other side, those of you who feel lucky might even bet on the team who’s going to toss the coin before the event start.

1xbet cricket odds

When you place cricket bets in this bookie you can do it via both: tablets and smartphones, computers and laptops. If you select a desktop device you can even watch several events in real time per day!

As to the odds for the cricket matches listed in 1xBet‘s program they are definitely not as good as those in football, for instance. However, we do find some really decent odds on cricket matches in this betting house especially if we compare them to analogue markets in other betting pages on the web. Up to nearly 5% is the profit margin in cricket and this is definitely a great level to be pleasantly surprised with. In fact, it would be truly hard for to find another betting operator in Uganda that has better odds for this specific sport discipline so we can bravely recommend you to make a registration here right away – especially if you are a cricket or cricket betting lover. Moreover – if you love both: cricket and football, there’s no doubt that 1xBet is your betting page as in the football section you are going to find even more and better offers, including better odds. Speaking of which, on mandatory, find our more details about football betting in our article called Football (soccer) bets in 1xBet