1xBet Prediction Jackpot


As being in the shoes of one of those many bookmakers that rely on the variety, 1xBet offers us not a single, but 7 Toto games in total:

  • 1. Toto 15
  • 2. Football
  • 3. Esports – FIFA
  • 4. Correct Score
  • 5. Ice Hockey
  • 6. Basketball
  • 7. 1xToto

Among all of these Toto games, doubtlessly, the most interesting one is the game called Toto 15 where we have the best combination between a Jackpot amount and probability to win.

The other reason for the big interest towards this game is the fact that it is a standard one – such similar games with predictions where the prediction is for the final outcome in several matches have been arranged and played for more than 100 years.

1xbet main prediction games

As you can guess, in this game you need to predict the apportionment of the scores (of the teams to get the full set of the scores or both of the teams to get per 1 score) in 15 football events in total and in the 1X2 market. If you succeed in guessing these facts you are going to win the accumulated jackpot up to this current moment and the amount of the prize can reach up to USh 1 500 000 000.

There is a new phase of the Toto 15 game every single day and bets are closed once the first match starts which is usually in the afternoons or the evenings (Uganda time zone). The amount you need to pay in order to participate in the game is only USh 2 000.

By accepting football as its main sport discipline 1xBet has added three more games with football in this Toto game category.
The closest to the Toto 15 game is the Toto game called Football where the terms and conditions are practically the same with one small difference – here you need to predict the final outcome in 14, but not 15 matches. Due to this difference the profits are smaller and usually the jackpots are nearly 5 000 000. The other difference, by the way, is the fact the game takes place only twice per week, but not every day like the Toto 15 game. The reason why Football is arranged so rarely is that punters are less interested in it and the bookie wants to invest its resources and efforts into things people like.

Correct Score is the other football Toto game where the punters fight against each other for profits with real money. As the name suggests it, here in this game you need to predict the correct score in the events which is the tougher task in comparison to the tasks in the previous two Toto games. However, this particular game has its own strong points, too – for instance, you need to predict only 8 matches here and the minimum bet amount here is 10 times less than in the other games or in other words it is only USh 200. Meanwhile, the jackpots are not smaller and in most cases they are billions shilings. There is a daily arrangement of this game similarly to the Toto 15 regular arrangement.

The fourth game with predictions on football matches in 1xBet is called 1xToto and here you do not try to win a certain prize fund of real money, but one of bonus points. Though, this should not concern or bother you as these bonus points can be turn into free bets. On the other side, 1xToto is the only Toto game with 0 tax fee so your efforts are worth it to be invested here. What you need to do in the game is to predict the final outcome in 12 football matches.

1xbet main prediction games

The rest three games with predictions on this betting platform are not football, but instead, devoted to ice hockey, basketball and digital sports fans. You can join each of these games by paying the standard minimum bet amount and you will have to predict a certain number of events (from 5 to 15 depending on the game type and the sport type).