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If you think that there is no place in internet for you to play poker when being a resident in Uganda, you are actually wrong. Indeed, poker isn’t among the most preferred gambling games among the audience from Uganda and due to this most of the local bookmakers do not even pay attention at this service in their platforms at all, but fortunately, in our country betting operators like 1xBet have established their systems alongside in many other countries from all over the world in order to offer Texas Hold’em and many other poker types. As to this, the Russian bookmaker does have a poker category in its platform and this category let us – all the poker fans from Uganda – take the benefits of various poker options.

We start the presentation of the poker category in 1xBet with the most significant thing about it and it is the fact that here in this betting house you are going to find not a single, but two in a row poker rooms. This is quite untypical for the bookies in general and according to some betting companies it is also very inconvenient due to the necessity of often switching from one to the other room. However, this separation has its own advantages, too, as two poker rooms mean two times more options for playing.

The first poker room that has been a part of the gambling platform since the establishment of the betting website, has a complete set of apps – an app for the desktop Windows devices, an app for Android, as well as an app for Apple devices (find out how to download these apps from our article called 1xBet Mobile Review – Download Apps for Android & iOS). In addition to these, when entering the gambling website via your computer you are also going to be able to play directly via your browser by pressing the button called Play on the Website.

1xbet legion poker

In the newer poker room that was added in 2017 year you can also play via desktop browser, but unfortunately it’s the only option you’ve got as mobile activity is impossible here.

The lack of apps means that you cannot play in the second poker room via your smartphone or tablet, but this isn’t such a big deal as this room, as a matter of fact, simply did not succeed in gaining such a big popularity and you will see quite few active players in it. So even if you are able to enter the second poker room in 1xBet, usually, you will not be able to find someone to play against.

Yet, it is our duty to mark that there are two reasons you definitely need to enter this second room and these reasons are the two freeroll tournaments available here:

  • Freeroll tournament on a daily basis and from 14:00 African time with 10 USD prize fund
  • Freeroll tournament on a daily basis and from 20:00 African time with 30 USD prize fund

1xbet poker room

The other, the older poker room does not offer any freeroll tournaments, but at the expense of this it will offer many active tables. In this poker room you can only play the Texas Hold’Em poker alternative, but this does not mean that all of the tables are the same. They are distinguished by the following things:

  • The amount of the big and the small blind – The tables in this room start from blinds with 1 and 2 cents and reach up to 25 and 50 USD. In most cases, though, the tables with more than half a USD per blind are inactive.
  • The number of seats per table – There are tables with 6 and 9 seats
  • Playing style on the table – For each of the tables there are statistics for the number of the hands during the last hour, as well as for the average percentage of the customers who reach the first drawing of the cards, the average pot amount and etc. Regarding these different statistics you can choose the table that suits you, but also to consider the style of playing in each table, respectively in each customer’s activity on the table.

1xbet poker game

Other important things you need to know about the poker game in 1xBet

  • While in sport betting and in the casino games you can use the national currency in Uganda – UGX – in the poker games the bets are placed only in USD. Once you enter any of the two available poker rooms your money is going to be automatically converted into USD or in other words, you are not going to do anything at all in order to start gambling in USD.
  • Currently, there are no promotions in both of the poker rooms. Though, you can find such in the rest of the main categories offered in 1xBet. You can learn more details about these bonuses from our article called.