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Sport betting has changed drastically since the beginning of online bookmakers which was back in the 90s of the previous century. While 20 years ago we used to have the chance to place an online bet on only several football matches per day, today, thanks to the advance of the newest technologies we can not only bet on more than 1 000 matches from more than 50 sport types per day, but also to place bets on fully imaginary sport events. These imaginary matches are called virtual sports and they represent one of the most leading innovations for the second decade from 21st century in the betting industry.

1xBet Uganda can offer you some of the most exciting bets on virtual sports in comparison to everything bookies in our country can offer you today. And specifically this 1xBet’s service – betting on virtual sports – is our main focus in this particular article. But before giving you details about this service we would like to throw some light over the virtual sport betting in general.

What exactly virtual sport betting is?

All contestants in a particular virtual sport event, regardless whether it is about a team or individual contestant, horses or hounds, are generated via special software and they do not exist in real world. However, here is where we need to mention that sometimes, these teams or players are based on real sportsmen or sport teams; this is the company’s goal to make them interesting for the customers.

The advance of the new technologies has given the bookies the opportunity to provide high quality visualization of all the virtual sports. As a result of this, the quality level these days is so high that it is very possible for us to wonder if this is indeed unreal match or a real one.

1xbet virtual sports

There is one big and general difference between the real matches and the virtual sports. It is hidden in the fact that the matches from the real world result in a way that depends on the qualities each player or team show and perform, while in the virtual sports the final outcome, as well as everything that happens on the fields depends on the generator that randomly “decides” the progress of the game. The generator’s work is based on randomly chosen numbers and it is the main core of the software that runs the virtual sport betting category.

The fact that the final outcomes are determined randomly does not mean that your chances are always 50/50. As you will see in your own virtual sport betting activity, almost always one of the teams or the contestants comes with a lower odd in comparison to its opponent. It means that the chances for a win per team / contestant with the lower odd are artificially increased as it would not be interesting if all the virtual matches are presented with equal chances for each of the teams / contestants.

One thing is for sure, though – the odds 100% correspond to the chances for a success. While in real sport world bookies always can make a mistake when determining the odd for an event, this is impossible in the virtual sports and frankly if looking objectively at the things we need to say that you would need a lot of luck in order to win all the time in this category.

Betting on virtual sports in 1xBet

In most virtual games in 1xBet the process for placing a bet includes the following steps and requirements:

  • 1. The punters have nearly 90 seconds to view the markets and to place a bet (in some games, the bets can be placed during the visualization, as well)
  • 2. Once the countdown ends, the event visualization starts and it has different duration time depending on the game type. In Virtual sports category the visualization lasts nearly 2-3 minutes, whole in some of the games that are placed in the eSports Live section from the live betting category one virtual match lasts nearly 20 minutes.
  • 3. After the end of the match visualization the bets are managed and registered either as winning, or as lost and the new 90-second tour of betting starts.

What types of virtual sports does 1xBet offer?

Even though it is presumable that the Virtual Sports category should be the main place for such type of games in the website, the virtual matches on sport events and the simulations on digital games in the Live category look quite more intriguing, mostly for their high quality.

By all means, if you are a football fan, the simulations of the digital games Fifa 19 and Fifa 18 would be the most interesting for you as at any single moment three of such matches from the imaginary versions of the Championship League, Liga Europa and The World Football Championship take part.

1xbet virtual football

The matches in each of these championships last 20 minutes and once a match ends, the second one begins and so on. There are nearly 10 different markets offered for each of the matches.

The football fans can also try the simulations of another very popular football digital game. We are talking about the game called Pro Evolution Soccer. But note that football lovers can expect even more than these three articles!

Once you try the games from the Live category, it is hardly to believe that you would want to go back to Virtual Sports again as there is a really huge difference in the quality between the games from these two sections. Yet, to inform you at least in general, know that the Virtual Sports category has nearly 30 different virtual games on sport types such as football, tennis, horse racing, hounds, speedway, motorcycling and many more.