The sport types you can place bets on are nearly 60 and among them you will even find disciplines like trotting, swimming and streetball. The whole program includes more than 1 000 events per day and nearly 2 5000 upcoming events for the next days. Nearly 1 500 of them are only football matches. This is how in short we can conclude the deepness of the sport program this betting house offers. We are sure you are going to soon consider 1xBet as your most favourite place for sport betting only few minutes right after you dive into this endless flood of different gambling options.

For the three sport types that are particularly the tor favourite ones for the audience in Uganda, we have detailed articles where we have analysed in full the possibilities for a bet, as well as the range of the offers and of course, the odds. See these details here:

The majority of you must often place live bets and due to this reason we have a specially tailored article devoted to this service provided by the Russian bookie. The article is called 1xBet In-Play Betting Guide and here you are going to learn how this service works and what types of extras such as live streaming, live statistics, live text comments and live graphics accompany it.

We end our presentation of the sport betting in this gambling website with probably one of the most modern functions for the last couple of years – the function called Cash Out. Meet it in our article called Selling a bet (cash out) in 1xBet – Example and instruction.

Being in the shoes of one of the most renewed companies for sport betting in the world, today, 1xBet has specialized in offering online gambling games among hundreds of different countries from all around the globe. This betting house has more than 10 years of background history (it was established back in 2007 year) and more than 5 years of experience in online betting (the website accepted its first online customers in 2012 year).

The betting company that was registered on the Curacao Island, but with a main head office in Russia, can brag about having for its official representatives a football start like Andrea Pirlo, as well as about a whole football championship it used to be a sponsor to (Series A) and since a very short time it has become an official betting partner to the English Tottenham football team for the market in Uganda.

The Russian company gives us more than just good enough reasons to join its betting website. You can learn about most of these reasons in the following lines, as well as in the rest of the more than a whole dozen of articles devoted to 1xBet in our page.

Account registration and verification in 1xBet

1xbet registration

Practically and generally boring, as well as slow, registration process cannot be simpler from the process 1xBet provides us, because only here you can open an account with one single click only and meanwhile, the betting house is one of the few betting houses that let you make a registration and later, login your account through your own profile in Facebook, Google + or other social media.

The methods for registration in this bookmaker are 4 in total. If you want to become a customer in this gambling website, read our article called How to create and verify an account in 1xBet. Choose the registration method you prefer at most, follow the steps we have described in details as to this method and your registration is going to be ready in flash of a second. By reading the article we have mentioned above our readers can also find out whether and when it is necessary to verify their accounts, as well as how the whole verification process actually works.

Transactions in 1xBet

1xbet deposit and withdraw

We cannot say that in 1xBet you will find absolutely all of the most popular payment methods in Uganda, but yet, the gambling company offers a wide enough range of nearly 30 possibilities you can use in Uganda in order to make a transaction. Besides, this is the best place for all of you, who prefer to deposit minimum amounts of money as the minimum deposit requirement here is only USh 2 800 for most of the deposit methods and only USh 1 000 in case you are going to deposit via a pre-paid card provided by MyBux.

Withdrawals are also with enough profitable conditions. Although we cannot transfer money directly to our debit or credit cards, we can instead, require a withdrawal directly to our bank accounts, as well as to almost all of the other online payment systems that are basically available for a deposit, too. The minimum withdrawal amounts are also as low as it takes to get a record for this – only USh 4 000 – and one more advantage we need to point out here is the fact that there’s a function called Transfer to Friends. Via this option you can send money to a friend of yours who’s also an officially registered customer in this betting page.

The instructions as to the deposits and withdrawals, as well as some additional information about the limits and the possible ways to execute them you can find in other articles written by us or in short, the following ones:

100% Deposit bonus up to 500,000 UGX in 1xBet

1xbet first deposit bonus

1xBet is going to give a gift of up to USh 360 000 once you register on the website and later, every time once per week. The only thing you need to do in order to be eligible for these gifts is to make a deposit. Once you do so the betting company is going to generously double your deposit.

As to the gift that is given once per week it refers to your first deposit made in Friday. And the gift after the registration refers only to your first deposit once you open your account on the betting platform.

As all of our readers with experience in the online gambling industry might guess these bonuses are accompanied by certain conditions for playing the bonus amounts. You can meet these conditions in our article called Bonuses and promotions in 1xBet and by opening this link you will also receive some information about the rest of the gifts 1xBet has prepared for you.

Website and mobile platforms in 1xBet

1xbet website and mobile platforms

We can easily determine 1xBet’s website as the website with the biggest number of functions, as well as the website that owns the biggest number of options for personalization. We mean the whole website look personalization every one of you can do regarding his or her preferences. Yet, this can be a bit tough for you until you get used to all of the buttons you can use and that surround the betting options you want to try to finally start gambling.

Once you, though, get used to these functions and buttons, you will realize that they are not placed on these positions by chance, but with purpose. Their purpose is to make any customer’s life and betting experience easier and more exciting.
As to the mobile betting, we have a detailed guide for all the possibilities you’ve got when it comes to reaching 1xBet services via a smartphone or a tablet. The guide is in our article called 1xBet Mobile Review – Download Apps for Android & iOS. This betting house offers a record-breaking number of apps for different types of devices and you are going to meet them in this article.

Casino games in 1xBet

1xbet casino games companies

Thousands of games developed by dozens of developers are offered in 1xBet’s sections Slots and Live Casino. The world leaders in the sphere such as NetEnt, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and Amatic work in a partnership with the Russian gambling company in order to guarantee the high quality and the incredible variety of the casino sections.

Once you register you will receive an access to the Slots section and it is not even necessary to make a deposit for the purpose as here there’s a special option for a free play. The so called demo games, though, are not available in the live casino section, so it is there where you need to bet real money.

The article called Detailed analysis of the casino games in 1xBet contains some additional useful information that might be interesting for all the casino lovers in our country.

Poker rooms in 1xBet

1xbet poker rooms

In 1xBet, all poker fans are provided with the following things:

  • Two poker rooms that can be played via computer and one of them is also available for smartphones, too
  • Daily freeriolls with prize funds at an amount of hundreds of UGX
  • 24/7 cash games and tournaments where the bets start from only $0,01/$0,02

It will not be the whole truth if we say that the poker room in the platform owned by the Russian gambling giant is on as high level as we would like it to be or as the casino games are, for instance. By all means, 1xBet is far away from the level all the leading world poker websites have, but, as you will understand within the time, the online poker market in Uganda isn’t well enough advanced yet and this page is one of the few pages that offer poker rooms at all.

From the article called Detailed analysis of the poker games in 1xBet you are going to understand when the free tournaments take place and what the weak and strong points in both of the poker rooms are.

Virtual sports in 1xBet

1xbet virtual sports

To bet on virtual matches might seem a bit weird to most customers from Uganda as this is something new for the audience in our country, but the trend of the virtual sports is so widely spread in Europe that this betting sector of the betting industry just could not pass our market. All the details about this new type of betting style are presented in our article called Expert guide to 1xBet Virtual Betting. It is where you are also going to find some detailed explanations as to what these imaginary sport matches look like, what the terms and conditions in this specific betting activity are and what the virtual sports, as well as the markets in the 1xBet’s assortment are.

Jackpot games with predictions in 1xBet

1xbet jackpot games with predictions

The games with predictions are 7 in total. In these games you can win up to 1 500 000 000 shilings with a bet between USh 200 and 2 000 only! This betting page provides you a wide range of several games with such predictions. Most of them are football matches, but there are also games with predictions on ice hockey, basketball and virtual sport predictions. In addition to these, 1xBet has also one prediction game where you can participate for free, but you can receive real prizes. Our article called 1xBet Jackpot games – Terms and conditions plus potential profits is going to meet you with everything you need to know as to playing these games and what you can win in them.

Customer support service in 1xBet

1xbet customer support

The customer support service in this gambling house offers you 24/7 customer support in English language and via various communication channels – integrated live chat in the website, telephone calls, e-mails and others. To learn more details about 1xBet customer support service read our article called 1xBet – Access to the customer support service and information about the company.