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Cricket bets in Betway

Alongside with football and rugby, cricket is the third of the three most lover sport disciplines among the betting fans in South Africa. The bookmaker Betway knows this quite well which is why it has placed this sport type on a pedestal in the website program.

In this article we are going to present you both: the most interesting leagues for rugby bets in this bookie and the wide range of markets for the selected events.

The cricket leagues offered in Betway South Africa

The cricket program in this gambling page includes dozens of different leagues round the whole year. Yet, those that are the most interesting ones for the audience are the following:

  • Indian Premium League (IPL) – The leading championship in one of the most powerful countries in this sport discipline – India – which takes place every single year from April till May. This is also one of the most powerful championships among the entire world and the IPL brand value is estimated at more than 6 billion of USD. Each season of this league brings nearly 200 million of USD for the country’s domestic growth product.
  • Big Bash League T20 – A professional league based in Australia, where the top 8 teams from the country participate. Here, the matches are arranged during summer and to be more specific during December and January.
  • International Cricket – Contestants, which are commonly arranged by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and include top events such as Cricket World Cup, ICC, Champions Trophy and ICC World Twenty20. In addition to them, individual events between the national teams in various formats like Limited Overs matches, Test matches and Twenty 20 matches take place.
  • Caribbean Premium League – A big championship on the whole Caribbean region where teams from Jamaica, USA, Saint Kits, Trinidad and Barbados and many other countries participate.

Betway cricket

The offered cricket bet types in Betway South Africa

Many specialists from the sport betting sphere believe that it is better for the punters to keep themselves close to the markets with less possible results and regarding this recommendations cricket fans are in a quite flavored position as in this sport type there is no draw as a final outcome in difference to most team sport types these days.

The bets for the winner in the event are the most significant bets types in this sport disciplines, but they are definitely not the only ones you can take benefits of. Betway has also the following bet types you can give a try:

  • Under/Over on different aspects from the match such as under or over 19.5 runs in highest scoring over
  • Batsmen – The team with the top batsmen, under or over runs per top batsman, which player is going to become the top batsman, as well as which team is going to present the top batsman, the host or the guest
  • Bowlers – The team with the top bowlers, the top bowlers from the host team, the top bowler from the guest team and many other bets types regarding the bowlers
  • Sixes and Fours – The team with more Sixes / Fours, under or over Sixes / Fours in the event and many other

Betway cricket bet types