Betway Sign Up Bonus
Betway Sign Up Bonus

Betway Registration

Are you looking for a betting house where you can place bets and take benefits of really profitable and good bonuses? Or you might have already found one with some really great options for all of these and it’s Betway Uganda?

Get yourself comfortable and read the following lines attentively in order to find out how opening an account in this bookmaker works. With the following easy steps presented in this review you will get aware what account verification also is, as well as why it is so important to perform it!

In order to register in Betway Uganda you need to only own a device such as computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with good internet connection. The betting company doesn’t require from you to visit any of its physical shops – the whole registration process is performed online!

Betway sign up

Also, it is not necessary to be experienced in internet at all to open an account in the bookie. You only have to provide a bit of your personal data in the registration page that can be opened via any device with one click only – a click on the Sign Up button.

Once you click on this button a small window with the following fields that need to be filled in will open for you automatically:

  • Your telephone number field – By default the Uganda phone code is entered – and what you are left to do is to finish the rest of your telephone number
  • A password field – Here, type a password with 5 – 10 symbols (in this field you are going to see an eye-shaped icon which once you press on you will be shown the text you actually type in; we strongly recommend you to use this option because you are not going to get an access if you forget or mistaken any of the symbols from your password)
  • Your first name field
  • Your last name field
  • Your e-mail address field
  • Registration code which is not a mandatory field

Betway registration form

When you fill in all of the fields and then, you make a check in case you have made some mistakes when typing, press on the Next button and you will see three more fields to enter.

In the first of these fields, you need to select whether you agree to provide your Uganda ID number or your ID number from the drop down menu. Please, be aware that the number of the selected ID type should be entered in the second field. As to the third field, you need to enter your date and the year of birth (if you have selected your ID number, the data for the third field is going to be filled in automatically).

Betway registered account

Account verification in Betway Uganda

Due to the clauses from the Financial Intelligence Centre Act each official account in Betway Uganda is supposed to be verified. Verification means for you to send a copy of an official document that verifies your identity. As it has already become clear the bookie doesn’t require from you to visit any of the gambling house’s physical departments and because of this there is no other way for you to identify yourself except with the online verification process.

Betway complete activation

Until you don’t verify your account you will be notified about it on your screen with one message that asks from you to perform this verification. In this same message you will see a button Upload Now that helps you to provide your ID copy.

When you press on this button you will see a platform allowing you to upload files. From this platform you need to send a copy of any of the following documents (color copies are more preferable):

  • Passport
  • Green Uganda ID book
  • Smart card ID
  • Driving license

Then, within 1 or 2 days you will receive on your e-mail a verification confirmation. And right after that you are going to become able to make deposits and place bets.

Betway account verification

This verification is the only thing that a bit complicates the process of opening an account in Betway Uganda (the interesting thing about this verification, on the other side, is that it isn’t required in most of the rest African countries), but waiting worth it, no doubt! During the time you expect your verification confirmation e-mail message you can freely open your account and view the betting page, but you are not going, though, to have an access to the deposit page.