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Betway Sign Up Bonus


Egoli Sports Betting Network is a part of the newest wave of bookmakers based in South Africa, but it looks to a certain degree similar to the old sport betting websites as it uses the well-known and very common software developed by Bettech. Unfortunately, this bookmaker is still left behind by the most experiences betting pages in many indicators, but we are going to talk about them later in this review.

Esbn site

Joining ESBN

In the computer website version, the button Register is not placed right next to the Login button what is, by the way, the most common arrangement these days. On the contrary, it stands on the right side of the page where with its orange colour fully fuses with the rest buttons and banners of the same shade and you need to peer in order to find it.

Excluding the hard search of the registration button, the rest of the registration process is faultless for the punters, although the procedure takes a bit more time we would want it to take due to the long list of fields that need to be filled in. Yet, you will not have to answer some extra difficult questions in these fields, but only some questions regarding your personal details such as names, address and others, so in short, opening an account isn’t tough here.

Transactions in ESBN

Making a deposit or a withdrawal in Egoli Sports Betting Network isn’t going to harden you, either, especially if you have ever made such in other online betting houses based in South Africa as the payment methods for both: incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as the entire process for their execution, are analogue to the rest betting pages in the country.

It means you will have a chance to make a deposit from any of the leading banks in our country – FNB, Standart Bank, ABSA and Nedbank, as well as via the other popular payment methods such as vouchers and credit cards.

What can you place a bet on in ESBN?

The offers in Egoli Sports Betting Network are similar to what the other websites from Bettech’s family offer, which in other words means that you will have at your disposal a menu that is composed of nearly 25 sport types with a satisfying range for most of them.

The big weak point we find in this bookie is in the odds. If we compare them to the odds from the leading betting operators, the difference becomes truly significant. This weak point reflects on your profits. This betting company’s profit margin reaches up to more than 15% for every single market and it is a very high margin for the online betting industry in general and it makes the bets in this page not profitable at all.

The betting website doesn’t offer anything special for compensation to the low odds, so you can still choose it to place your bets at. In the offers for bets there’s nothing different than what is found in the rest betting pages from South Africa. Moreover – Egoli Sports Betting Network is very poor in content in its live betting category, too, where you will see several times less matches than the competitors offer. Plus – this bookie doesn’t offer any helpful resources that can help us overcome the low odds (we mean resources like live statistics, Live Tracker, live streaming and other instruments we are used to meet in almost any other gambling website).

Does ESBN offer any bonuses?

Currently at the moment we are writing this review, the promotion page in Egoli Sports Betting Network is empty, but the bookmaker used to offer such (and will probably continue offering). The promotions used to be a few and on selected bet types.

For instance, there used to be an offer for a bet refund in case of one lost match in a multiple football bet, but the requirement used to be for the bet slip to be composed of at least 8 matches. There used to be also a bet refund in case of a prediction for a winner in a hose race and your selected horse ended up on second position being defeated by the outsider in the race. These two promotions are, by the way, very typical for the market in South Africa.

The other very common bonus for the entire betting industry (and an important one, too) – the first deposit bonus – isn’t available in this modest local page, either.

ESBN Mobile App

Esbn mobile view

The betting house has a mobile version, but it is still on its first development stage and currently using it isn’t either easy, or pleasant. However, the availability of a version for smartphones and tablets proves the betting company’s wish to advance in the mobile betting direction.

Customer support service in ESBN

Open the page Contact Us to reach the company’s customer support team.

In this page you will find the addresses and the telephone numbers for the company’s head main office, which is located in Johannesburg, as well as for the office placed in Gauteng. There’s also an online messaging form on this same page.