Betway Sign Up Bonus
Betway Sign Up Bonus


Supabets is one of the leading bookmakers in Africa that has its own specially tailored playing platforms for customers from Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and other African countries, plus, of course, the version for South Africa which is going to be on focus in this article.

The punters registered in the version for South Africa can be confident that will receive some serious privilege attitude as the established in 2008 gambling company is managed by experts from our country, while its head main office is placed once again here, to be more specific in Johannesburg.

This is one of the bookies with the biggest dimension in our region and it supports both: online platforms and dozens of physical departments in many countries.

Although at first glance the betting website does not look as a real page owned by a bookie with an international impact on the industry, as well as one of the richest ones in South Africa, the different pages on the platform will surprise you with fantastic services and products because of which there are so many punters who prefer to place bets nowhere else, including in the top posh betting pages, but here. Yet, it would have been better if this bookmaker updates its gambling system so it can finally look as what it is – one of the leading gambling pages in the industry these days.

Joining Supabets

The registration in this bookie is comparatively long-lasting and this is one of the few things we actually don’t like about it. However, don’t even think that it will take you several hours to make a registration on the platform. On this page you will complete your registration in about 5-10 minutes, too. It’s just the rest of the betting websites have raised the level of the account opening procedure too much by making it simpler and shorter.

You can open a playing account in Supabets by clicking on the button for registration in green colour and then, by filling in each of the fields.

Speaking of which, you should fill in all the fields except for the field provided for the promo code. Once you are done with entering the required information, simply click on the button Save which is also in green shade. Just be careful not to click on the nearby button called Start Again because with it you will delete all the personal information you have already typed in, so in other words, you will have to start from the beginning.

Supabets registration

The fields you need to fill in are divided into four groups or the following:

  • 1. Personal information – please, take serious attention at the fields for names, passport / ID number and address as if you enter incorrect information you will be prevented of making a withdrawal when you decide to acquire the profits you win.
  • 2. Account information – user name, password and e-mail address
  • 3. Confirmation – here the fields are marked by default so you don’t actually have to do anything
  • 4. Promotions – as we have already mentioned it, you don’t have to on mandatory fill in this field in difference to the rest fields. It is not on mandatory for you to have such a promo code that lets you get the bookie’s generous promotions.

Transactions in Supabets

The deposits and the withdrawals in Supabets can be done literally by people from all over the world as this betting platform accepts financial transactions made via the online e-wallets Skrill and U Cash. Unfortunately, this is truly hot news for the betting industry in South Africa as there’s almost no other betting operator that offers different from a bank transfer or transfer via bank card, as well as a voucher, payment method.

However, please, note that Supabets does support these two popular payment methods in South Africa we have mentioned – bank transfers and transfers via bank cards. Yet, you are not allowed to fund your account via vouchers.

Supabets how to fica accunt

Nota benne: this betting company isn’t going to pay your profits if you haven’t made your account verification according to the FICA regulations. For your convenience, you can now do your verification via Whatsapp (the number you need to use is 0715504018) where you have to send an image in .JPG file of the following documents of yours:

  • SA ID
  • Passport
  • A prove for your residential address that can incorporated in any official document where this same residential address alongside with your personal data is written. The only requirement here is for the document to not be older than 3 months.

These documents must be sent not only before your first withdrawal, but with any next withdrawal order for an amount of more than R 25 000 you make.
When you want to make a withdrawal, you have only two options for claiming such:

  • 1. Via the page called Withdrawal where you will have to enter the desired amount of the withdrawal and you will receive a unique code once you press on the button “generate”. With this code you have to go to any of the bookie’s physical department where you will receive your money.
  • 2. If you want to get your money via a bank transfer, send a message to this e-mail address: with text: the amount of the claimed withdrawal, use name and your bank account details.

Supabets withdraw

What can you place a bet on in Supabets?

The betting company has a really wide range of different gambling entertainment such as casino games (slots, video poker, soft games, table games and a roulette), virtual sports and others, but due to several legal restrictions they are not available in the specially tailored version for South Africa where, by the way, we find only sport betting and lottery games.

The casino games and the virtual sports are anyhow eliminated from all of the licensed betting pages in our continent, so let’s better focus on the available services which are completely enough to fill in your time in a way you are not going to even think off any other gambling activities.

Supabets sport betting

As a matter of fact, the offered markets in this betting websites are so many that even if you have a lot of free time you are still going to be unable to review them all soon.

In order to make it clearer for you we present you the number of the possible options for a bet in some of the leading sport types (please, note that the numbers are actual for the moment we are now writing this review)

  • Football – more than 520 000 markets
  • Rugby – more than 1 400 markets
  • Ice hockey – more than 17 000 markets
  • Basketball – more than 4 500 markets

As to the lottery games, during some days of the week we can make predictions for the final outcomes in more than 20 drawing phases from different national and international lotteries from all around the world.

Does Supabets offer any bonuses?

As we have expected it, no doubt, the customers with official registration in Supabets are offered with enough promotions that can be used for more chances to increase the bankroll.

The bookmaker offers one soft type of the widely popular first deposit offer which, though, here is listed by the name of first bet deposit. This might not be the best thing the punters can expect as the bonus money can be received when you place your first bets on the page or to be more specific – when you place bets at an amount equal to the deposit amount multiplied with 5. It is then when you will get 100% extra money up to R 10 000.

Supabets multi-bet special bonus

The next important special offer the bookie has is called Multi-bet. This promotion lets you have your profit from any multiple bet multiplied with a certain percentage that can reach up to 30%. Even if you have only two events in your multiple bet, you do still qualify for the Multi-Bet bonus.

Supabets money back special bonus

Supabets does not only increase your profits, but also reduces your losses. To be more specific, the bookie reduces your weekly net profit with exactly 10% which you will get refunded in your account when all the bets, excluding the lottery bets, are calculated.

When there’s some really interesting European football match, the gambling company also offers lotteries with money prizes for everyone who succeeds in predicting the final outcome of the event correctly and this free game is available only for people with successful FICA procedure verification.

Customer support service in Supabets

It’s a shame that a bookie from such a high class still doesn’t have a live chat in its betting website. However, Supabets has made everything possible to satisfy its punters with different communication options they can use to reach the customer support team – including 4 telephone numbers, Skype profile, two e-mail address and Whats App number.

In addition to these, the nearly 24 betting company’s physical shops are available for you to receive some customer support assistance with an individual attitude and professional help.

Supabets contact information

Simply, go the website button where in the Help category you will see a link Contact Us. This link contains the full information for each of the customer support channels, as well as the addresses of each department located in both: the territory of South Africa and the entire African continent.