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It is a widely spread opinion that the only way to have 100% guaranteed profit with no risk in the world of sport betting is simply to be in the shoes of a bookmaker. We would, though, add one more option for this purpose and it is the chance to become a partner of any betting house.

This partnership lets you advertise the bookie (in our case, the bookie 1xBet) to your friends (or maybe, your readers who enter your website, blog or your Facebook group and etc) in order to receive commissions for each registered customer who makes a registration thanks to your link and meanwhile, remember that there is no option for the bookmaker to ask anything in exchange of you. You simply don’t owe the bookmaker anything. Even if the registered customer through your link makes big profits, it does not require from you to pay anything the betting house.1xbet affiliate earnings

1xBet affiliate program where every single citizen from Uganda can join is one of the most popular partnerships in the whole betting industry. Here are some of the main reasons we (and many people from all over the world) think that this affiliate program is one of the best ones among all the affiliate programs provided by well-known bookies:

  • 1xBet is among the few betting pages that accept in their affiliate programs all types of people. The practice in almost all of the rest online betting operators is to accept for partners only those people who own a website or several websites. Of course, if you own any kind of a sport portal or page, you are going to have more chances to win more money from your readers as this type of a page will attract more new punters for the bookie. If you, though, believe that advertising 1xBet via social webs, writing in forums or just share information with your friends, this Russian betting house is a fantastic choice for you.
  • 1xBet offers stable commission rate that starts from 20% of the net profit the Russian betting company is going to win from your affiliates. Once you, though, prove your serious intentions in the affiliate program your commission is going to be increased up to 25%. Indeed, there are bookmakers that offer up to 40% commission, but most of them are to put it mildly dubious and they usually are not as honest as we would want them to be with their affiliate partners. The affiliate program, on the other side, in this betting website is with a rich and reputable background history and currently it has more than 12 000 partners from all over the globe. This data shows how appetite and intriguing 1xBet’s offer to the business partners is. In short, it is better to accept 20-25% as a commission, but provided by a trustworthy bookie than to entrust your efforts in 40% commissions offered by a bookie that is always going to find a way not to pay you a damn, right?

1xbet affiliate

  • 1xBet is always regular in payments. Both – the punters in the page and the affiliate partners receive their money in time, too. When it comes to payment for affiliate partnership, you can expect your money on 20th of the month as long as your profit is at least USh 360 000. If you profit from the program is lower it will not be lost, though, as you are just going to receive it during the next month.
  • 1xBet has designed a convenient affiliate program page – partners1xbet.com – from where you can follow the detailed statistics regarding the bets made by your affiliates, as well as your current commission profit and many other things with an ease. All of these things are going to be helpful for you when you are trying to make analysis of your affiliate partnership or in order words when you decide to make something more or new in order to increase your profits.
  • Punters prefer 1xBet than the competitors on the market more and more and it is obvious with each next day and with each next new customer registered on this betting page. This growth of 1xBet’s popularity makes an assumption that you are going to have success in finding new customers for the bookie with an ease. In short, if you become this company’s affiliate partner you are going to promote a betting website that has more markets and games than any other betting website on the market in Uganda.

Entering 1xBet Uganda affiliate program:

  • 1. Open the affiliate program specially tailored page – partners1xbet.com
  • 2. Register in this page by filling in the name your website (if you have such) and its topic, your names, your e-mail address, the most convenient for you payment method via which you want to receive your monthly commissions, language, password, user name and some other data
  • 3. Enter Express Menu and then, click on the button called Get Started in order to receive your individual referral link
  • 4. Place this link in the forums you are a member of, in the social webs you are going to promote the bookie, in the pages you own or anywhere else you choose to promote the page
  • 5. Visit the affiliate program page on a regular basis in order to check out the number of the customers you have attracted for the bookie, as well as to see your current commission profit.

1xbet affiliate program