1xBet Bonus Code: 1x_5424


The international bookmaker 1xBet has a special attitude towards the audience in Uganda and due to this reason the citizens from this country are offered with a generous welcome bonus – first deposit bonus at an amount of USh 360 000 which is a big more than all the offers provided for the customers in the rest countries on the continent. Meanwhile, this offer is a big bigger than the similar offers other big and international bookies offer in our country.

In the next lines you are going to find everything necessary as to receiving and playing the bonus amount. You are also going to meet the other deposit and no-deposit bonuses offered by 1xBet Uganda.

How to get the new customer bonus from 1xBet Uganda?

By having in mind that this is a new customer bonus, you might probably think off that this offer refers only to your initial deposit, as well as for your first registration in this betting page. In short, this means that in order to get this promotion you need to at first make a registration (as to the registration process and how to perform it, simply read our article called How to create and verify an account in 1xBet). Then, you need to fund your officially registered and verified your account with money (about this funding process you can, on the other side, read our article called Guide for a deposit in 1xBet).

1xbet new customer bonus

When it comes to the new customer deposit bonus it does not actually matter what the amount of your initial deposit will be. No matter what amount you deposit – whether it’s the minimum deposit amount of USh 1 000 or thousands of shillings– you are going to receive your deposit bonus!

The bonus amount, on the other side, is equal to your deposit amount. In other words, if you deposit USh 7 500 you are going to receive exactly USh 7 500 as a gift from the company. Though, please, have in mind that the promotion has its upper limit and it is USh 360 000 which means that you cannot receive more than this amount as a bonus.

How to play the new customer bonus amount in 1xBet Uganda?

So, let’s accept that your bonus is already transferred in your account and your next task is simply to play it so you can own it at a full value. In 1xBet Uganda you can do this by placing bets at a total amount that is 5 times more than the bonus amount. For example, you have received a bonus at an amount of USh 360 000. This means you need to place bets at a total amount of 5 x 360 000 = USh 1 800 000. All of these bets must be on mandatory accumulated bets and they need to contain at least 3 selections with odds not less than 1.40.

There are some other requirements to have in mind when it comes to playing the new customer bonus amount:

  • You cannot make any withdrawals till you play the bonus amount
  • You cannot get any other bonus till you play your new customer bonus amount
  • The new customer bonus should be played within 30 days reckoned from the moment you receive it

Does 1xBet Uganda offer other deposit bonuses?

1xbet Wednesday promotion and Lucky Friday

Yes, it does! This Russian bookie’s version for Uganda has other regular deposit bonuses. And here’s the greatest news – there are two of them! And that’s not all. These regular deposit bonuses require simpler playing as you need to place bets at an amount of only 3 x the deposit bonus amount!

Well, there’s one catch, though, you need to know in advance. The thing is that this playing is supposed to be done within 24 hours reckoning from the moment you get the bonus.

The first promotion of this type is offered every Friday and you don’t have to do anything else, but to deposit money in order to receive it.

The other deposit bonus is given every Wednesday. In this special offer there’s one more requirement – the punter is going to receive this offer only in case he or she made a deposit during the previous Friday and in Monday and Tuesday, which precede this Wednesday deposit day, he or she must have placed at least 5 bets. The total amount of these bets should be equal or bigger than the deposit amount from Friday.

Both of these deposit bonuses offer 100% up to USh 360 000.

What are the other promotions offer5ed in 1xBet Uganda?

1xbet birthday promotion and advanced bet

The international bookie has in its bonus assortment some other special offers. We are about to tell you more details about our top favourite ones among them.

At first, know that on your birthday you are going to receive a gift from the betting company. This gift is a free bet! Please, be honest – have you ever seen such a generosity in any other bookie?

The other interesting offer in 1xBet is the function called Advance Bet. This function lets you place bets when you have no money in your account as long as you have some pending bets. The money for the new bet you receive are simply taken from the potential profit you might get from this pending bet. In case the pending bet occurs to be lost and you will have nothing to pay your placed bet with, the free bet you placed (the Advance bet) is going to be void. This is a very simple, but intriguing offer we find original as there’s no such a thing in any other betting website these days.

The total number of special offers in 1xBet Uganda is more than 30, so you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the rest of the promotions and bonuses in this bookmaker once you register in it!