1xBet Mobile Apk


The mobile gambling market has made a whole revolution in the industry as a whole and today, owning mobile versions and apps is not a luxury for the big betting houses, but a simple necessity to keep the audience full and satisfied. Here is why 1xBet has made nearly one dozen of different apps that are compatible to various types of devices, as well as mobile operating systems. In this article we are going to review the types of applications the developers from 1xBet’s team has made for the different mobile platforms customers prefer or use.

Android apps

1xbet Android application

Android device owners are pleased as they are offered with the biggest choice of applications made by 1xBet. These customers can install on their devices the following apps:

  • The main app for sport betting, casino games, financial trading, Toto games, TV games, fantasy football and other services
  • Poker app (as you have already noticed 1xBet’s poker service is not mentioned in the list with the services from the main app – this is due to the fact that the betting company has decided to separate its poker services in an individual platform)
  • 1xBet browser which isn’t left behind by anything offered in the leading browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome and etc. This browser lets you enter the bookmaker’s mobile version faster than you can enter it via any other browser. Of course, this browser can be also used for surfing in internet in general or in other words – entering any other page you can thing about.

1xbet browser

There’s one weak point the Android users can experience and it is the fact that the apps cannot be downloaded directly from the official Google Play Store. Such a disadvantage isn’t individual particularly for 1xBet only. All bookmakers are unable to offer their mobile apps directly in the Google’s official app store as Google, itself, bans any gambling software products concerning real money to be offered in the store.

This Russian bookie’s main app can be, though, easily downloaded via the mobile version and to be more specific via the button located at the bottom of the betting operator’s mobile version. It is weird that the other two apps cannot be downloaded via this place. This weirdness makes the whole process more complicated as you need to at first download the installation file on your computer and then, to transfer it to your mobile device in order to install it.

iOS applications

The first two Android apps – the main one and the poker app – have alternatives for Apple’s mobile devices, too. The iOS device owners, though, are not provided with an access to the betting company’s browser.

The two iOS apps can be freely downloaded in iTunes. The good news is that Apple does not make any differences between a standard gambling app and the apps for other device types, which is quite amazing.

1xbet IOS

Java applications

As a bookmaker that actively works in Africa, 1xBet does not forget the customers with older mobile device models. And these customers, by the way, are not few at all.

With these Java apps even the punters with the oldest mobile phone models do not remain out of the game when they don’t have an access to a computer.

1xBet, by the way, is the only European bookie that has such Java apps.

Windows Phone and Blackberry apps

This gambling operator still cannot brag about its own applications developed for the less popular operating systems such as Blackberry and Windows Phone.

If you own such a mobile device do not rush to fall into a panic, because you are still going to be offered an access to 1xBet – via your mobile phone browser. The mobile browser version and the 1xBet’s apps come with almost the same services.