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Bet SA is a licensed by the regulators from Gauteng betting house whose online presence isn’t that impressive (by the way, we can say the same as to the company’s bet offers). However, this gambling operator provides a whole net of physical departments in 13 locations spread all around the country, so we are obliged to present this bookie in our sport betting informative portal, too.

Betsa site

Betsa branches

The concrete locations you can contact the bookie’s representatives face to face are the following:

  • Nelspruit
  • Witbank
  • Middleburg
  • Germinston
  • Waltdo
  • Burgersfort
  • Hazyview
  • Tonga
  • Kwa-Guqa
  • Elukwatini
  • Mitchelles Plain
  • Marapong
  • Mhluzi

It was only few years ago, when the betting company used to have its own offices in only 4 of the locations from the list above. This is what shows the betting house’s big efforts for advancing. Currently, though, this advance can be seen only regarding the increase of the bookie’s physical presence, but not the progress of the product assortment.

The online betting page was released back in 2017 year, but the company seems to not to rely on its online betting activity so much and currently, this page looks truly poor to put it mildly. At the expense of this, though, the betting website has a responsive mobile website version that is compatible to different mobile devices, while many other bookie’s pages might look truly awesome, but unfortunately do not have such a compatibility.

Betsa register

The punters can open an account in this betting house by clicking on Account Application, although during our last check this button wasn’t available on the website and particularly there was no way for a new customer to make a registration, which is probably due to the big number of bugs and errors the website shows.

Yet, if you succeed in making your official registration in Betsa, please, have in mind that this betting company follows all the legal requirements and because of that you definitely need to send a copy of your ID, as well as a document that validates your residential address. In fact, this is an obligation you have in any other bookie from South Africa due to the FICA act that has been put into force since 2001 year.

Transactions in Betsa

Your Bet SA account can be funded by making a bank transaction (either in cash, or via the internet banking options), as well as by giving money in cash in any of the bookie’s physical departments or even via a bank credit card.

When you login into your account, press on the button Account Details and you will receive further information about the deposit process.
What is truly weird, but mostly unpleasant for the punters is the fact that in order to make a withdrawal you should call Bet’s customer support team in South Africa and note that this call can be made only in Tuesday. In any other day from the week a withdrawal order is accepted.

What can you place a bet in Betsa?

At first, let us make a remark about something very important – the betting page of Bet SA isn’t a platform where you can actually place bets. The platform doesn’t support an online gaming function and due to this reason the bets can be made only through a phone call if you don’t want to go to any of the bookmaker’s physical shops. This is a very big inconvenience especially by having in mind how modern and easy to be used the online betting system in all of the rest online bookmakers in South Africa (and on the entire planet) is. In such a standard betting system everything is done with three clicks only – you select a bet, enter the bet amount and finally, confirm.

The lack of the possibility to make an online bet slip is harsh to be compensated with any bet offers as they are extremely limited and include only bets on football, horse racing and rugby (there are also a couple of long-term bets per year, but their number is so small that they do not even worth it to be discussed).

Betsa lotto online

The minimum bet amount in this bookie is R 2.

Does Betsa offer any bonuses?

Typically for the bookmakers that don’t offer online bets (such as Bet SA) there are no bonuses on their systems. This is another reason we don’t want to recommend them (including Bet SA) to our readers.

Betsa App

Betsa mobile

One of the few positive things we can point out as to this bookie is the fact that it has its own mobile website version.
However, we cannot say that the transfer of the desktop mobile version on a page that is compatible to mobile devices is such a big deal Bet SA has done as practically there’s nothing so much to transfer.

The mobile version, as well as the desktop page, itself, contains only 7 pages or the following:

  • Home page
  • A page for the daily program
  • A page for the results
  • A page for the bookie’s terms and conditions
  • A page called “Why to place bets in Bet SA?”
  • FAQ page
  • A page “Contact Us”

Betsa contact details

In the page called Contact Us you will see two telephone numbers (+27 8610 23 872 и +27 8610 BETSA) as well as two e-mail addresses – the address for the common questions is, while the orders for deposits and withdrawals should be sent to this address: