Betway Sign Up Bonus
Betway Sign Up Bonus


Sunbet is a website for betting on horse racing and various sport disciplines. This page is quite more different when comparing it to the competitors. We can say that when mainly having a glance at the unique platform developed by Bede Gaming. The platform was integrated back in 2018 year and has leaded to a very fast growth of Sunbet’s officially registered customers.

The gambling operator has also 4 physical departments where all of the horse racing events on the page are available, as well as internet access for the bookie’s customers, all the Lucky Numbers games and two live games developed by Betgames. All of these functions, alongside with the wide range of the bets on sport events and three special offers (including a promotion for a bonus over your first deposit up to R 1 000) can be found in the betting company’s website where depositing and placing a bet have become easier than ever after the integration of the new platform and the creation of the mobile version.

Sunbet is an official partner of the popular horse racing festivals that are known by the name of The Sun Met and Nedbank Golf Challenge.

This betting company’s online and offline gaming offers are licensed by the gambling regulator Western Cape.

Joining Sunbet

Besides everything else, Sunbet’s new software allows much easier registrations in comparison to the previous process for opening an account in the page. The registration, itself, starts with pressing on the button called Sign Up. You can find in the top right corner. Then, you need to continue with filling in different fields that are spread in three different stages we are about to walk you through so you can be fully ready when the time for joining the bookie comes for you, as well.

Sunbet registration process

First stage – Personal Details

The first stage starts with an answer if you are a member of MVG and in case of a positive answer you will have to type in your MVG number.

Then, you will see two more buttons – ID and passport. If you are a citizen based in South Africa, press on the ID button. Otherwise, you will have to select the button for a passport, which is in case you don’t own an identity document provided by the government in South Africa.

Right under these two buttons you will see a field where you will have to enter your document number regarding the document type you have selected. The page continues with several more fields for the following personal details – your names, date of birth, sex, e-mail and telephone number.

Second stage – Address details

The second stage is fully dedicated to your address, including your country, city, province, post code and your residential address.

Third stage – Account Details

Here is where you need to fill in a user name that shouldn’t be longer than 35 symbols, as well as a password, which shouldn’t be shorter than 8 symbols.

Also, in this last stage you should select whether you want to be notified for all important things as to your account via an e-mail message or via SMS message.

The registration ends up with pressing on the button Sig Up that is placed at the bottom of the third stage page.

Sunbet lets you register, as well as to enter your profile without the obligatory FICA verification, but without it you are not going to be able to make a deposit, respectively to bet.

In order to verify your playing account you should enter the page where you can contact the customer support team (we are going to tell you more about this, too) where you will receive in details what you are required to do. Please, note that later in future you can expect to receive some notification about your obligation to provide identity documents, as well as an approval that you have entered correct and valid e-mail address in the second stage of the registration process.


When you pass the FICA verification you can fund your account with money via the link Deposit which is placed on the same location where you previously found the button for registration.

You can fund your account in Sunbet either via a bank transfer (Instant or a standard one), or via Visa / MasterCard debit / credit cards.

Once you select one of the two payment methods for a deposit, you should:

  • In case you have chosen a financial transaction via card – you need to fill in your card information and then to follow the instructions you will be given (filling in the card information is required only for the first deposit on the page as the details will be saved in your account automatically)
  • In case you have chosen EFT transaction – you need to choose the bank name you have selected to make your deposit from and then, to follow the provided instructions.

Please, have in mind that here in Sunbet you cannot deposit a smaller amount than R 50 and the same requirement refers to the withdrawals, too. There’s also a limit for the maximum amount of your financial transaction and it is R 500 000.

What can you place a bet on in Sunbet?

Punters choose to bet in Sunbet not only because of the company’s convenient and fast platform, but also because of its wide range of offers when it comes to betting. These offers are quite more in comparison to what most bookmakers in South Africa usually provide. Meanwhile, here in this betting house there are very few missing things we usually find in the big international betting platforms.

For instance, the betting operators from South Africa that have cash out function are really few and one of them is Sunbet. This function lets you control the final outcome of the bets you place during the whole progress of the events added in your betslip and you can practically close your bet at any time in order to receive the money you have currently won from them.

Sunbet sports betting

In addition to these, the betting house form South Africa can also brag about a record-breaking number of selections for football markets. To be more specific, here is what we mean – at the moment we are writing this review, for instance, we see in the gambling website nearly 60 000 markets for football matches that have not started yet (if we have to add the markets for the live events the number becomes even more impressive) which is several times more than the average level in our country.

You will be also pleased with the betting options for horse racing as here we receive the most well-arranged and convenient for following horse racing programs on a daily basis. Plus – you will be positively surprised by the betting offers for the rest nearly 40 sport disciplines available in the page.

Yet, a kind of a disappointment the live betting category might become. The negative side of this betting category in the page isn’t due to the small number of events. On the contrary – the live betting program in Sunbet is quite rich. What is not so ok in the live betting category here is the fact that many typical extras are not available, but have become very popular among the audience these days – like live streaming, for instance. And even though Sunbet provides some statistics, they are very limited and offer only data for the attacks and the attempts made by both of the teams.

Does Sunbet offer any bonuses?

Every single bet you place in Sunbet is a condition for new points to receive. These points are called MVG points and in difference to the common suggestion about them, they are not exchanged for free bets. This is by the way, the standard practice many bookies apply. The MVG points can be used for receiving some special services and privileges in the gambling company’s offline offers and departments.

You receive 1 MVG point per any single bet at an amount of at least R 500 and if the bet is multiple, the number of the points is equal to the number of the selections in your betslip.

The other main bonus in Sunbet is the one for the first deposit in the betting page. In short, you will have your deposit amount doubled up to R 1 000.

Also, you might be very interested in the game called Sun Bet 6 where you need to predict the correct scores in 6 football matches from the top 5 championships in Europe every weekend. The top 10 punters of the week receive a free bet at an amount of R 150 and the rest of the prizes in this game are tickets for sport events, as well as a trip to Europe for a match of your favourite football team.

Sunbet bonuses

Mobile betting in Sunbet

Sunbet owns a mobile betting platform that is as good as the desktop betting website is. You can read more information about this platform in the article called Sunbet Mobile version.

Customer support services

The customer support service can be accessed at an easiest way via the small button in the bottom right corner of the page. Once you click on the button you will see a window with a live chat opened for you.

Sunbet contact number and mail adres

The live chat, as well as the other opportunities to contact the bookmaker – telephone number (0861 SUNBET (786238) and e-mail address ( – are available every day between 07:30 and 22:00.

Sunbet contacts