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What kinds of options for a deposit does Betway offer in its version for South Africa? What steps do we need to follow in order to fund our accounts? What is the least amount of money we can deposit? How much time do we have to wait for the money to arrive in our Betway account after the deposit is done? Is there any matter what payment method we are going to use for a deposit in order to get the 125 % deposit bonus the bookie offers? The answers for all of these questions are provided in the article you are reading right now!

The available deposit options in Betway South Africa

Betway bank deposits

The main deposit options in Betway are the following:

  1. Credit and Debit card
  2. iPay (instant EFT)
  3. SiD payment (instant EFT)
  4. EFT Bank Transfer (All local major SA Banks – First National Bank, ABSA, Standard Bank and NedBank)

What is the least amount of money for a deposit?

If you are not going to make a payment via any of the banks located in South Africa in all of the rest available payment methods you are going to have the right to transfer not least, but 10 ZAR as a deposit. The required minimum deposit amount is a bit higher in the bank wire transfers. Here you need to deposit at least 50 ZAR!

betway deposit aptions and amounts

For those of you who are interested not in the minimum, but in the maximum limits regarding the deposits they can make, we need to say that no matter what type of a payment method you choose, you can still transfer up to 1 million of ZAR as long as you can afford it, of course.

How much time does the deposit take?

Due to the specifications of the bank activity, deposits that are made via a bank wire transfer payment method with any of the following banks: First National Bank, ABSA, Standard Bank or NedBank, reach your account within 1-3 days. The exact duration depends on the bank and this deadline starts once you leave the bank department where you have made your deposit.

Those who deposit via any of the other payment methods, which are three, by the way, are in a more privileged situation as they can see their money in the betting accounts literally few seconds after the transactions are made. In other words, the deposits via the rest of the payment methods, different from the bank wire transfer, in Betway are executed immediately.

The good news is that there are no fees for the deposits regardless the type of the payment method.

How to make a deposit in Betway South Africa?

Betway how to deposit funds

In order to make a deposit in this betting house via a debit / credit card or via Instant EFT you need to enter My Account, then, to select the payment method you prefer from the payment methods list, then, to enter the deposit amount you want to transfer (between 10 and 1 000 000 ZAR) and finally, to press on Proceed. The next steps you need to perform are different depending on the payment method you have selections. Here are more details:

  • Debit / Credit cards – A page will open for you. You need to fill in several details as to your bank card information here. Once you fill in the fields you need to press on Next. This is when on your screen you will see message whether the transaction has been successfully executed, or not.
  • Instant EFT – Once you press on Proceed, you will have to select the preferred bank, then, to login your bank profile in the same bank official website and finally to press on the button called Proceed with Payment. It is then when you will need to expect SMS message to be sent to your mobile phone with one special PIN code. Enter this code in the website bank form and in the end, press on Next with which you are going to finish your deposit process. You will receive one more SMS message whether the transaction has been done successfully.

If, on the other side, you want to make a deposit via any of the four banks you need to visit this particular bank department or an ATM owned by the same bank (in case there is such an ATM or bank department in your location). It is when you have to make a bank wire transfer to Betway South Africa. Note that in your order you need to fill in some personal data which you can find in the section My Account from the official website of the company.

Deposit and deposit bonus

Alongside with your initial registration on this gambling page you are also going to receive a small amount of money as bonus. More about this bonus you can read in our article called promotions offer in Betway South Africa.

Many of our readers ask us if there is any matter what type of deposit payment method they can use in order to successfully receive the bonus as in many other bookies those who deposit with certain payment methods are excluded from the offer for new customers.

Fortunately, this is not the case in Betway South Africa and no matter how you fund your account you are going to get your no R10 Free Bet bonus.